Data Integration

Business Data Integration With Blockchain Technology

Integrate real world data from IoT devices, sensors or any proprietary supply chain software with your blockchain applications through oracles, APIs, and smart contracts.
Smart Contracts
Streamline operations and reduce redundancy with smart contract automation.
Data Integration
Allow network to network and interdepartmental communications with Interchain and interoperability.
Traceability & Legal Proof
Whether it is a chocolate supply chain, or car insurance issue, provide full traceability and immutable legal proof of events
Landing pages not only offer consumers more transparency, it is also an effective additional consumer bonding place to share your brands story and values.
Optionally integrate your loyalty & rewards systems with your products, let consumers tip farmers, or invent something new with us.
Increase consumer engagement by allowing them to scan a QR code redirecting them to an interactive, educational, and gamified experience.
Knowledge Perk
How the coffee industry leverages blockchain

How does a coffee company use these technologies to innovate and provide unique consumer experiences? In just 4 days the solutions team from Dragonchain had a real working blockchain application up and running, ready to be tested in the store, available for all their customers.

Knowledge Perk wants to be the first to provide transparency in the coffee industry by labeling each bag of coffee with a unique QR code, proving to the customer that the recipe matches the roast profile on the bag. The roast data is obtained through IoT devices in the roaster, and then stored on the blockchain.

Frequently Asked Questions
Connect logic to blockchain today.
83% of Executives are looking for blockchain solutions to the most pressing issues facing their businesses. Let Dragonchain show you the private and secure, scalable and cost effective solutions and services we have ready for you today.
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