Smart Contracts

Smart contracts enable automation and efficiency between systems and entities

Connect your smart contracts, which can be written in any programming language, to real world business data. Envoke complex inputs and outputs based on your connections to data, events, and payments.
Self-executed and self-enforced
Streamline operations, reduce redundancy, facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation and performance of any contract.
Trust and automation
Smart contracts reduce unnecessary costs, time expenditure, and inefficiencies in processes, while also increasing transparency.
Consistency and security
Keep different databases run by different companies on different systems in a state of consistency.
Connect off chain data, webhooks, oracles, and APIs to your smart contracts. Envoke actions to payment systems, applications, and external systems or blockchains.
OpenFaas and Docker
Simplify the deployment of smart contracts with OpenFaas and Docker, allowing developers to program smart contracts in any coding language.
Update and maintain smart contracts
Dragonchain is unique among blockchain platforms in that it treats smart contracts as software that can be maintained.
Integrate data feeds and oracles with smart contracts

Connect external oracles with your smart contracts to selectively ledger any data on your own blockchain. Software engineers have full freedom to select the data points. A cron schedule envokes at a fixed time interval and creates transactions for you. Transactions can be pulled to see all the information on your own blockchain. Specific data can selectively be made public in any front-end interface, or envoke actions in external applications connected to your smart contracts and blockchain system.

Depending on the use case, for example in finance with large liabilities betweens payment systems or in healthcare with test results, a company might want to leverage decentralized oracles. This gives more certainty compared to using one single centralized oracle, as this can be a single point of failure. By using two, three or more oracles with the same data points, actions can be envoked when the majority of oracles reached consensus on the accuracy of the data.

Frequently Asked Questions
Explore the benefits of smart contracts.
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