Advanced Identity

Dragonchain's Advanced Identity System offers an innovative solution to address the risks associated with data breaches that simultaneously reduces the liabilities for businesses and gives individuals greater control over their personal data. Our user-friendly interface creates an easy-to-use identity management system that can be implemented in any business.

Identity Solutions for Individuals

The system uses atomic and granular identifying data such as first name, last name, physical address, date of birth, and Social Security Number (SSN) into individual components that prove the identity of a person. This allows users to share identifiable information with businesses or organizations to prove their identity without exposing sensitive information.

Individuals can decide where their personal data is stored, who has access to it and for how long that access is granted. When personal data is released only the proof that the individual meets the business requirements is shared.

Additionally, our Proof of Human technology provides two-way authentication between two or more individuals to prove they are human.

The system also allows users to monetize their data by selling it to third parties such as advertisers or researchers while protecting their personal information from tracking.

Identity Solutions for Businesses

Businesses can protect themselves against internal and external data breaches while streamlining KYC and AML procedures. Our verified proof of identity eliminates the need for businesses to repeatedly collect, validate, and store the same identifying information during the KYC process. Businesses can also recapture initial KYC costs by charging other businesses a fee for using an already approved verification factor.

Additionally, our Proof of Human technology provides measurable proof that a user is not a bot and is not impersonating someone else, strengthening the business’s cybersecurity measures.

Identity Solutions for Internet of Things, AI, and Web3 Integrations

Advanced identity technology can help verify the authenticity of digital devices, AI protocols, and Web3 integrations to limit the use of fraudulent devices being used to gain access to connected systems. Access is only granted when definable criteria have been met and can maintain security and privacy, and meet regulatory requirements with proof of transaction history.

With data breaches on the rise, businesses need to take control of data protection, and Dragonchain's Advanced Identity System offers an efficient and secure solution for managing identity data for businesses to take control of data protection. Contact us today to get started!

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