Behavior Marketplace AI with Dragonchain

Businesses often look to technology when searching for solutions to solve business challenges. It’s believed that new advancements in technology will somehow fix a situation. In reality, it’s human behavior that is often at the root of the issue and as such will not be solved with a new piece of software.

Dragonchain’s Behavior Marketplace AI arranges specific behaviors in a way that incentivizes human behavior to solve business problems at scale.

What is Behavior Marketplace AI?

Behavior Marketplace AI harnesses human minds to provide an advanced form of artificial intelligence to achieve business goals.

Dragonchain believes that desired human behaviors should lead to positive consequences and undesired behaviors should not.

Using incentives to reward the completion of a task based on meeting certain definable criteria is nothing new. Businesses have used loyalty reward programs to reward customers for years. Some even employ these methods to reward their employees. But for businesses who need more in-depth outcomes from multifaceted tasks a simple task/reward system may not be enough. Behavior Marketplace AI leverages the use of incentives in a competitive marketplace of behaviors to amplify business goals. This has been shown to produce organic and self driven behaviors by users that directly meet business goals, sometimes even in unanticipated ways.

What Behavior Marketplace AI means for Business

Any business with definable business goals can leverage Behavior Marketplace AI to incentivize desired behaviors to achieve that goal. On-chain data from the marketplace creates a data set that can be analyzed, in real-time, to monitor the performance of a workflow. This ability can guide the business’s decision-making processes to optimize workflows and make adjustments as needed.

How is it Implemented?

Dragonchain uses blockchain technology to track on-chain behavior and then combines that information with a competitive marketplace. Once the behavior of individuals is recorded we use blockchain to distribute rewards when individuals meet the defined goals set forth by the business.

We apply transparency in our Behavior Marketplace AI so that all participants can see that the rewards are being distributed accurately and fairly. The effect is better behavior than can be had through traditional means.

Human AI vs Traditional AI

By including humans in a defined behavior we can leverage AI in a more efficient and flexible way. Pre-trained AI requires years of training. If businesses learn through analytics that a workflow process needs to be adjusted, requiring them to redefine their goals, traditional AI would need to be retrained to perform the new tasks. Humans are much more pliable and will adjust to changes more quickly than traditional AI training.

If a business wishes to use traditional AI, Dragonchain offers patented interoperability and unlimited scalability to leverage traditional AI with the actions of humans. Traditional AI coupled with human AI can create more holistic outcomes.

Operational Behavior Marketplace AI

Dragonchain and its customers have implemented multiple Behavior systems. A great example is, a content marketplace whose goal it is to elevate quality content. Den leverages human subscribers to perform desired tasks on the platform. These subscribers compete to accurately predict how content will be received by individual communities. The end result for Den is community moderation of content that elevates quality content.

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