Comprehensive Blockchain Scalability

Dragonchain offers comprehensive scalability that goes well beyond transaction speeds. Our platform offers a blockchain network of independent blockchains that are infinitely scalable for transaction verifications, fees, and deployment.

Hybrid Architecture

Dragonchain offers a hybrid architectural platform that allows businesses to control their data while verifying data states through five levels of consensus known as Context-Based Verification. Through a series of interconnected blockchains that are connected via our patented interoperability technology, businesses can integrate blockchain with any traditional business system, IoT device, sensor, or artificial intelligence technology to ledger transactions or execute smart contract logic.

Context-Based Verification

As transactions move through the verification process the more secure the transaction becomes thus reducing the risk to the business.

Level 1 Business Verification

  • Approves business transactions from its own private blockchain(s)

Level 2 Enterprise Verification (Validation)

  • Checks blocks for individual transaction validity in form, signature, and required data elements. There are three independent decentralized Level 2 nodes.

Level 3 Network Diversity Verification

  • Ensures that the Level 2 validations are coming from a sufficiently diverse set of distributed sources.

Level 4 Decentralized Independent Verification (Notary)

  • Automatically act as an independent witness to Level 3 verifications.
  • Hosted by an independent individual or entity with a known and verified identity.

Level 5 Public Verification (Public Checkpoint)

  • Provides an interface and bridge for individual business blockchains to interact with one or more public blockchain networks (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, etc.).
  • Proof report provided as well as API access

Every business can use Dragon Net as outlined or they can create more context that suits their needs.

The independent nature of the blockchain platform results in speeds being unaffected by network congestion if transactions from other businesses increase.

Dragonchain’s Economic Scalability

Our hybrid architecture lends itself to unmatched economic scalability. Businesses who leverage blockchain via Dragonchain can maintain a deterministic fee structure that is unaffected by increases in network fees from the business and from the network’s usage.

To limit fee volatility, Dragonchain uses the passage of time as a scarcity model based. TIME is staked against the business blockchain node to determine and lock the fee for every transaction. TIME is also staked against every verification node to determine the award for verifying a transaction.

The time based fee structure allows businesses to budget transaction costs now and into the future.

Scaled Deployment

Flexibility is one of the hallmarks of the Dragonchain platform. Our platform allows businesses to choose which operating systems, platforms, and hardware best works for them.

Businesses can use systems like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Intel, and AMD with open source and standardized systems, such as Linux, Unix, Docker, and Kubernetes.

The ability to leverage any system opens businesses up to the biggest pool of knowledgeable users to build, deploy, and scale smart contracts using resources and tools with which they are already familiar.

Proof of Scalability

To prove the functionality of our scalability model, Dragonchain held a 24-hour live demonstration in which a quarter of a billion real data transactions were executed fully on an operational network. The purpose of the demonstration was to prove a consistent capacity greater than that of Visa over an extended period of time.

Businesses looking to leverage blockchain must be able to secure copious amounts of on-chain data. Dragonchain is the only platform where businesses can record, on-chain, every business event and provide independent measurable proof of the true state of all data points at any time in the past. Contact us today to discuss scaling your business blockchain integration.

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