Dragonchain 2022 Quarterly Report

Disruptions in the blockchain and crypto industry last year have many reflecting on why we are in this space in the first place. Although some may have found they lost their way, Dragonchain has always been focused on how businesses can solve their real-world business challenges with our suite of capabilities. We’re hopeful that the industry can put “number go up” to bed and instead focus on the utility and fundamental change that blockchain can afford us all.

Update on SEC Complaint

We have submitted our Answer to the SEC complaint. In it we refuted the claims made by the SEC as most were taken out of context, were misunderstandings, or were factually inaccurate.

As stated previously, we are confident in our position and are looking forward to finally putting an end to years of back and forth with the SEC. We are confident that this will not affect ongoing business or any other project plans.

Please continue to be an advocate for blockchain and the crypto-community. If you are in the US, reach out to your representatives with the form found here as well as Crypto-Law’s Connect to Congress automated form.

If you have any suggestions that would be helpful in our case please feel free to reach out.

ICYMI: Read our response from May 2022 here!

Dragonchain Core Development

We continue to make improvements to the core platform by addressing the efficiency and scaling of high volume business nodes (L1). The new core has been deployed to four projects with multiple instances. The result of these changes is a more scalable system where coding smart contracts is very user friendly. Developers without smart contract experience and even those unfamiliar with Dragonchain can easily pull down code for smart contracts.

The goal of these improvements is to provide a better hosting environment so that businesses can have more flexibility to become more decentralized as they may need. We've gotten great feedback and results from everyone so far and are pleased with the results.

Our migration continues but is in the final stages. The bulk of the process is completed, including the migration of all the chains. There are still some subsystems that need to be moved but the biggest parts are finished. Thank you for your patience as the transition is being done with care as to not interrupt daily operations and to minimize downtime.

New Blogs

Future Ready Solutions for Carbon Emission Reporting

carbon scoring

Today’s businesses are finding the need to capture and report their emissions data on required disclosures is increasing. Dragonchain offers technology capable of full-scope capturing, reporting, and accounting of carbon emissions to facilitate an efficient and provable workflow process along any value chain.

Read the full blog here!

Dragonchain Proof Systems for Centralized Exchanges


Why is it that no crypto exchanges run on blockchain? Dragonchain offers a fully transparent, yet private, proof system for any exchange to leverage blockchain for immutable proof and accountability.

Read the entire article here!

Capability Briefs

Enterprise NFTs

enterprise nfts

Dragonchain offers the only scalable and interoperable Enterprise grade NFT option on the market today. Our Enterprise NFTs are affordable and offer more flexibility to businesses wishing to leverage non-fungible tokens.

Read about Enterprise NFTs here!

Behavior Marketplace AI

behavior ai

Behavior Marketplace AI leverages the use of incentives in a competitive marketplace of behaviors to amplify business goals. This has been shown to produce organic and self driven behaviors by users that directly meet business goals, sometimes even in unanticipated ways.

Read about Behavior Marketplace AI here!

Super Happy Dragon Lucky


Thank you to every Dragon Knight and Denizen who has joined us for 178 episodes of Super Happy Dragon Lucky!

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Cointelegraph Innovation Circle


What is a practical way to boost crypto’s reputation?

Focus on real utility for real people

We need to work on fundamentals and real utility for real people. Don’t get seduced by the “number go up” nonsense that has taken such a hold on our industry for so long — that is, mapping “traditional” finance world uses (and fraud) to cryptocurrency tech — which directly results in headlines that may well set the technology back for years in terms of its perception among the general public (for example, LUNA, Celsius, FTX, etc.). – Joe Roets, Dragonchain

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DENDAO continues to invite every Denizen to participate in the weekly DENDAO Governance Call. Join them every Wednesday at 3pm EDT / 7pm UTC!

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Lair Creation Process

The Lair Creation Process (LCP) is an opportunity for the community to propose and commit LOR on the communities they want to see in Den. Winning Lairs will see their committed LOR used to create NFT-based LOT. Every LOT comes with ownership in the Lair, passive income via a portion of all MTR mined in the Lair, governance access, and of course free edits in the Lair. The LCP takes place every month. Den has 136 Lairs and has created over 192 million LOT, all on Dragonchain.

October 2022 LCP

october 22 lcp

The October 2022 LCP winners are …

  • The #1 in Unique Voters with 2M LOR committed and 59 Unique voters: Upcoming Crypto Projects! MBCrypto proposed the Lair in January of 2022!
  • The #5 in LOR Committed with 774.5K LOR committed and 24 Unique voters: Bitcoin! Babar Rafique proposed the Lair in July of 2022!
  • The #13 in LOR Committed with 398.4K LOR committed and 21 Unique voters: Minecraft! wolofaffle proposed the Lair in January of 2022!

November 2022 LCP

november 22 lcp

The November 2022 LCP winners are…

  • The #1 in Unique Voters with 3.3M LOR committed and 63 Unique voters: Books! DecentCrypto proposed the Lair in March of 2022!
  • The #5 in LOR Committed with 717.4K LOR committed and 32 Unique voters: Bagholders Unite! Braino proposed the Lair in April of 2022!
  • The #13 in LOR Committed with 453.1K LOR committed and 34 Unique voters: ALPHA! Jeysuhn proposed the Lair in April of 2022!

December 2022 LCP

december 22 lcp

The December 2022 LCP winners are…

  • The #1 in Unique Voters with 1.1M LOR committed and 44 Unique voters: Den’s got talent! Jwags24 proposed the Lair in April of 2021!
  • The #8 in LOR Committed with 922.9K LOR committed and 23 Unique voters: Hot Takes! BitBuyTheCoin proposed the Lair in September of 2022!
  • The #21 in LOR Committed with 453.1 LOR committed and 4 Unique voters: Birds! Babar Rafique proposed the Lair in July of 2022!

World Blockchain Round Table


We had some great conversations this quarter and the WBRT DAO community did a great job getting the word out! WBRT DAO created over 100,534 LOT and 85 different WBRT LAir owners!. All LOT created is based on the number of views the show gets in the first week of airing.


We continued the use of Lair Governance to make decisions pertaining to WBRT.

Theme Selections

Through a process of theme suggestions and voting the following themes were determined by the WBRT community:


  • October 6th Wrong Answers Only
  • October 13th Spooky Blockchain Stories
  • October 20th Personalized identity on blockchain
  • October 27th Web 3 integrations


  • November 3rd Assessment and Analysis on the Current War between Decentralization Vs Centralization
  • November 10th Time of development cycle for quality products
  • November 17th Let's make a video game! What would WBRT's perfect video game look like?
  • November 24th The Sandbox


  • December 1st IoT
  • December 8th Blockchain Architecture
  • December 15th Privacy coins
  • December 22nd How would Santa use Blockchain?
  • December 29th DeFi

Show Parameters

Other WBRT DAO votes include:

  • Allow any WBRTian to submit a question regardless of that week’s theme. - Approved

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With 2022 in the books we are looking forward to all that 2023 has to offer. Whatever the year brings we will continue to advocate for the use of blockchain technology as a tool to record history with immutability and as a means to affect human behavior.