Enterprise NFTs with Dragonchain

Dragonchain offers the only scalable and interoperable Enterprise grade NFT option on the market today. Our Enterprise NFTs are affordable and offer more flexibility to businesses wishing to leverage non-fungible tokens.

Multi-chain Enterprise NFTs

Enterprise NFTs with Dragonchain offer a higher level of security than using Ethereum or other blockchain platforms alone. Our hybrid NFTs allow for privacy while leveraging multiple blockchains for decentralized proof worth billions of dollars. All files and metadata, as well as the minting process and transfers of every NFT, are on-chain and secured by Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any other connected blockchain.

Enterprise NFTs for Any Use Case

Businesses can use Enterprise NFTs to create and scale digital art and collectibles, grant event access, or for loyalty reward integrations. Combined with Behavior Marketplace AI, businesses can curate an art collection or fine-tune their loyalty program to simultaneously reward customers and analyze the effectiveness of campaigns.

Businesses can also use Enterprise NFTs to create a more efficient workflow process. Dragonchain uses smart contracts to internally mapped defined programmable functions of each NFT. Enterprise NFTs can remove intermediaries, increase security, and decrease the time between events along the supply chain. By using NFTs to control money flows and access, businesses have more flexibility to interact with partners and customers quickly on an individual level.

NFT-based Authentication for Advanced Identity

Dragonchain can facilitate peer-to-peer interactions by attaching identity verification to every Enterprise NFTs. Verified NFTs can be used to access physical items and facilities or virtual environments and digital data.

Flexible and Customizable Enterprise NFTs

Enterprise NFTs on Dragonchain provide unlimited scalability and interoperability giving businesses unmatched flexibility and choice when creating their NFTs. Every business, whether in entertainment or manufacturing, can create, mint, and distribute Enterprise NFTs for use on the Dragonchain platform without paying the high fees necessary to export to an outside chain. However, if an NFT holder or the business decides to export the NFT off the Dragonchain platform they may do so.

Operational Enterprise NFTs

Dragonchain spin off Den.social is an example of our scalable Enterprise NFT system. Den has created over 180 million NFT-based Lair Ownership Tokens (LOT) using the Dragonchain platform. Every LOT represents partial ownership in a Lair community, comes with governance rights, and signals the amount of Lair rewards each holder receives all without the need to export the LOT to the Ethereum blockchain. If the holder decides to transfer or sell their LOT they can export it to their Ethereum wallet.

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