Five Tools to Integrate Blockchain and AI for a Web3 Future

The debut of ChatGPT has been exciting. People have been testing its limits with often hilarious (sometimes terrifying) results. The recent advancements in AI have fueled many ethical and functional discussions. One such conversation taking place is on the possibility that creative engineers - the builders and the coders, are in jeopardy of losing their jobs as AI takes over. Many believe that AI is at or near the quality of human output. The notion that a machine programmed by a human can exceed the quality of output from a human seems misguided. Some aspects of AI may offer faster speeds and more accuracy but we still think that AI is far from matching or exceeding the best that humans have to offer.

AI is sure to be front and center in the new Web3 Internet currently being built. OpenAI has been fun and has actually made some lives a little easier. We all know that AI only does what it is trained to do (at least for now). But one of the issues with current AI training is a lack of transparency. OpenAI and others have been created without the ability to prove who is doing the training, training protocols, and their source. So we find ourselves asking, “How did OpenAI come up with the answer given?” It’s a very important question because as some of us have seen with ChatGPT the answers are not always truthful.

When we consider that, in time, businesses will start to integrate their own AI technology into their business systems it's even more important that we have transparency and proof of what went into the AI creation.

Businesses should be excited about emerging AI technology. AI promises to offer businesses the ability to analyze and organize data quickly, with great accuracy, resulting in a significant increase in efficiency and ROI. But it’s not infallible. Beyond transparency, to truly make AI work for them, businesses should include humans to optimize AI systems to better meet the goals of the business.

Dragonchain offers businesses comprehensive AI solutions that offer better data integrity and proof through interoperability, scalability, security, transparency, and behavior.

Interoperable Hybrid Blockchain Architecture

Dragonchain’s patented interoperability technology can connect any system to a blockchain including any AI protocol.

Dragonchain’s hybrid architecture uses multiple interoperable blockchains to allow businesses to operate their own private blockchains while leveraging multiple public blockchains for verification, security, and measurable proof. This allows businesses to use any system, including traditional, blockchain, or AI systems for any use case while retaining their existing operational systems.

How it works

Data verification is foundationally woven into our architecture. We use a combination of RESTful API integrations and smart contracts where needed. All sensitive business data remains with the business and only the proof is sent for verification across a network of decentralized blockchains, ultimately being secured by every connected public blockchain (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain). This allows businesses to selectively choose what information to distribute and to whom.

It also allows businesses to adhere to GDPR/CCPA, and other regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, and safeguards personally identifiable information (PII) from end to end.

Blockchain and AI System Scalability

Blockchain platforms in use today scale through hardware and as a result still struggle with scaling to Enterprise levels.

Dragonchain’s patented architecture scales horizontally as well as vertically. Every business system is connected to its own blockchain. Each business blockchain then independently interacts with Dragonchain’s verification platform, Dragon Net, and is unaffected by any increase in business data or network usage.

The platform is infinitely scalable. Dragonchain held a 24-hour live demonstration in which a quarter of a billion (250 million+) transactions were executed fully on an operational network. Businesses can scale this further by running multiple systems simultaneously.

Dragonchain’s scalability is optimal for AI systems integration.

Dragonchain allows businesses to leverage all their AI data from both inside and outside the walls of the organization. This includes real-time information as well as past data sets that may not have seemed necessary at the time. The combination of AI with Dragonchain blockchain scalability is a powerful toolset for business data efficiency.

Adding automation via smart contracts further increases efficiency by removing friction. Automating smart contracts to correlate receiving and sending data for AI analysis will result in cleaner data sets for optimized AI decision-making.

Provable Transparency

As we move forward with AI-powered systems it is crucial that creators as well as users are afforded transparency into the systems they are building and using. As a result of Dragonchain’s interoperability and scalability technology, businesses are able to harness every piece of information and offer up proof of data states as an AI system is created. Separation of data keeps private and proprietary data safe and secure while still providing transparent proof that data was as claimed. Leveraging Dragonchain ensures that proof of every transaction is secured by approximately $4 Billion USD each year.

Transparency with proof offers a more repeatable scientific capability to those businesses that are training their own AI. Additionally, transparency proof gives businesses the ability to practice local optimization and to roll back a process to the point when they realized they veered down the wrong training path without having to start from the beginning.


Our blockchain platform combined with AI technology offers a more secure and transparent environment. Dragonchain ensures data is immutable and secure while AI offers the ability to discover patterns that would otherwise be hidden from the human eye.

Advanced Identity

Dragonchain applies its advanced identity technology to AI to prove the AI system being used is as designed and has not been altered in any way. This mitigates instances where bad actors have changed the technology in a way that gives them access to connected systems.

Businesses can even apply Dragonchain’s advanced identity technology between multiple AI systems to provide two-way authentication between two or more AI systems.

Smart contracts

In addition to using smart contracts as a way to connect traditional systems that are otherwise not interoperable, we offer businesses smart contracts executable with any coding language.

Some smart contracts tend to be rigid and are vulnerable to loopholes that can be exploited making the contract useless. Dragonchain’s patented Enterprise smart contract orchestration offers businesses the flexibility to add, delete or edit any smart contract workflow process in a provable way. Additionally, our smart contract gata data access technology offers businesses smart contract based decryption and access capabilities. This capability secures incoming and outgoing AI data and access to AI-generated data.

Quantum Security

Dragonchain offers patented quantum-safe encryption and signing capabilities integrated at the core of a hybrid blockchain architecture. This allows businesses to secure all their AI-generated data at rest and in motion. For businesses who prefer their own quantum security protocols, Dragonchain can interop with any system preferred.

Businesses that use AI secured by smart contract based encryption and decryption, provable identity, and transparency to generate smart contracts can add an additional level of security to their smart contract system.

The Fusion of Human and AI Behavior Technology

Dragonchain offers unique blockchain and human behavior intelligence technology that addresses security vulnerabilities and combats organizational and team inefficiencies to ensure data integrity. The technology motivates employees and partners to work towards a common definable goal.

Behavior Marketplace AI

Behavior Marketplace AI combines a competitive marketplace with the use of incentives to achieve business goals. Incentivizing behaviors in a marketplace can produce organic and self-driven behaviors by users that fulfill business goals and can even produce results that were better than planned.

We can use the technology to incentivize AI to take specific actions. This platform goes beyond motivating human behavior to incentivize the behaviorr of AI systems to follow and compete in a defined process and then be rewarded when it completes that process in the fastest most accurate way possible.

Dragonchain combines our patented human behavior technology with AI technology to create a more authentic and flexible AI in integration.

When we use a human behavior marketplace with AI we can leverage AI in a more productive and adaptable way than with just AI alone. AI requires years of training. If a business decides to leverage AI for a specific purpose but later learns that some process needs to be adjusted, it would be time prohibited to retrain the AI system to perform new tasks to meet new goals negating the very efficiency that AI is known for. The inclusion of humans allows businesses to implement new goals quickly as humans can adjust to new tasks with minimal training. The end result is a more efficient and accurate AI-powered system that improves outcomes and provides valuable feedback for platform analytics.

Only Dragonchain’s interoperable and scalable blockchain allows businesses to leverage all their business data. Coupling our behavior marketplace AI with a robust AI system allows businesses to capture, analyze, and implement decisions opening up new avenues based on their data behavior with proof of authenticity.

Considering that AI enables analysis and decision-making in a more efficient way and blockchain offers a window into the AI process to better understand what led to its decisions, adding Dragonchain’s proof of AI data and decision-making establishes trust and provides provable audits and authentication.

Just like with the creation of blockchain businesses looking to implement AI technology are going to be challenged with connectivity and data integrity. Dragonchain’s technology offers the best tools to complement any AI system integration.

AI and blockchain will prove to be good technological companions. Soon AI may remove the need for human blockchain verifications by offering an automated verification system that can identify and flag potentially fraudulent activities on the blockchain. Before we get there we need to ensure that the AI systems that are being created are fully transparent so that our new decentralized web3 environment is more secure and authentic.

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