Anti-Fraud and Compliance

Prove that you are following the compliance policies that you already have in place with Dragonchain blockchain based proof and assurance systems.
Prove Compliance in Payments and Market Systems
Trust and security is important in the financial world. Your customers have already paid for regulatory compliance systems, with a simple Dragonchain integration they can prove it.
Market Manipulation
Prevent market manipulation including front running and wash trading.
Prove volume, reserves, order books, or any other metrics to your customers.
Regulatory Compliance
Prove to partners and regulators that you are following pre-existing corporate policies and procedures.
Payments Systems
Make traditional bank-to-bank financial transactions more secure, for card payments, mobile wallets, and chargebacks.
Banking and Financial Regulations
Proof of compliance for all necessary regulatory requirements.
Controlled Transparency
Provide a refined level of transparency to your users without exposing sensitive data.
Simplify required identity capture.
Automate compliance reporting with independent measure of proof in USD.
Supply Chain and Chain of Custody
Prove Traceability and Transparency
Reach out to us about a custom Supply Chain or Chain of Custody solution.
Enhance accountability in complex supply chains vulnerable to fraud.
Controlled Transparency
Selectively expose all or part of any transaction class to partners or customers.
Prove Safety of User Data
Reach out to us about a custom Identity solution.
Integrate your existing approved policies with proof.
Improve security of user account access.
Prevent Impersonation
Verifiable identification of all parties in communications with users.
Data Breaches
Prevent centralized access to personal identity information.
Grandma safe identity recovery and management.
Decentralized Identity
Improve privacy and reduce liability associated with user’s PII, HIPAA, and financial data.
IoT and Sensor Data
Prove Manufacturing Processes
Reach out to us about a custom IoT solution.
Maintain a record of state in your manufacturing process.
Product Recall Management
Tighten the effects of a safety recall.
SIM Fraud
Prevent device based fraud by tying to a multi-factor decentralized identity.
Frequently Asked Questions
Blockchain Based Anti-Fraud and Compliance Systems
Integrate blockchain based anti-fraud solutions with your existing anti-fraud and compliance solutions. 83% of Executives are looking for blockchain solutions to the most pressing issues facing their businesses but are disappointed with what is available.
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