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The Den platform is the answer to communities suffering from trolling, censorship, and bias. Every action, post, comment and vote are on chain. Den incentivizes the creation and rapid evaluation of quality content within communities.
Decentralized Governance
Moderation and censorship authority by community owners in a decentralized and autonomous model.
Control your own Lair ads, no reselling of data, tokenized monetization for the users, content creators, and evaluators.
White Label
Create a branded Lair for yourself, a club, or other organization. Contact us for your own multi-community white label Den platform.
Unbiased Trending Items
Unlike other platforms Den provides an objective data feed based upon a community’s evaluation of content. Discuss freely, without fear of shadowban or centralized bias.
Governance as a Service
Community based ownership and responsibilities incentivized with rewards. Reputation and responsibility are automatically measured and used in moderation of the community.
Frequently Asked Questions
White label solutions.
Run your own white-labeled social media platform on your own infrastructure. Be in control over your own business, university, or non-profit community again, whether it’s private or public. The monetization of people’s data you care about ends today. Schedule a call with the creators to run your own Den.
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