Proof systems

Chain of custody redefined with Proof Systems

Proof Systems ready to adapt to every custom implementation. Increase credibility with provable integrity, restoring trust issues consumers may have in processes, products, and organizations.
Blockchain based chain of custody solutions provide new Proof Systems that resolve issues with consumer trust.
Outcomes of events can occur with certainty and confidence through automation, and then be independently proven.
Inauthentic products, false claims, low-quality materials, or affiliation with child labour are all credibility issues for brands.
Companies are held accountable by consumers. Goods and services must provably be provided in a humane and sustainable way.
Origin and Traceability
Provide proof reports to authorized parties or consumers every step of the way.
Reputation risks
Making commitments does not improve integrity. Proof commitments to consumers once achieved, and prevent reputation risks.
Increase credibility
The internet of trust
Proof Systems
At its core, all blockchain based chain of custody solutions on Dragonchain can be seen as proof systems. Traditional chain of custody solutions are difficult to trust. It may seem that evidence was handled and archived chronologically without tampering, but there was no way to prove this. With Dragonchain's proof systems, a company is able to offer full integrity throughout the entire chain of custody. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about chain of custody, is forensic evidence of a crime, such as a drug test. Proof Systems go beyond this, replacing any and all paper trails with a digital trail. Protected by math, hashpower, and so much money to tamper it that nobody can - or wants to - afford it. The global supply chain is already innovating with Proof Systems. They provide more traceability to consumers by transparently showing the full origin of products throughout the entire supply chain. This also protects brands from losing credibility.
  • Proof how much wind or solar energy was produced, how this energy was distributed, and that profits were shared according to the contract terms.
  • Embolden risk mitigation with timestamped and watermarked documents for contract transparency with on chain proof.
  • Proof water quality was tested in a lab or through sensors, and what the results were at any given day or time. Automate warnings in cases of anomalies.
  • Proof the origin of ingredients and resources, throughout the entire supply chain, from producers, to distributers, to end consumers.
  • Proof there was no voter fraud during elections, and that all voter registrations, voter processes, and final votes were legal and binding.
  • Proof gaming micro-transactions and change of ownership of digital (tokenized) items.
  • Proof you reduced the use of plastics for packaging, or lowered the amount of (artificial) sugar and salt in products.
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