Provable Contests

Life’s Not Fair, But Your Contests Are!

Looking for a fair way to draw winners for your give-away? Dragonchain’s Provably Fair System is impossible to profitably cheat.
Measurable and immutable proof the selection was fair. Anyone can audit for themselves who the winner is once selected.
Provably Fair Selection
Winning selection is determined by the hash of a predefined bitcoin and ethereum block, making it unprofitable to game the system.
Future hash
The hash of a future Bitcoin and Ethereum block are unknowable, making the selection algorithm completely random. Secure, hundreds of millions of dollars.
Run contests, give-aways, or just let us decide which country you’re going to visit next? Time to put your creative marketing hat on!
Current integrations include Beaxy.
Hassle-free & trustworthy
Run your contests the same way you always do, except ensure participants that winners will be drawn provably fair.
Frequently Asked Questions
Create your own provably fair contest.
Looking for additional custom features or ways to integrate the Provably Fair System? Schedule a free consultation with the creators.
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