Case Study: Emergency Management System.

A blockchain-based Emergency Management System for the distribution and traceability of medical supplies. How Dragonchain delivered a functional proof of concept (POC) for Snohomish County, Washington, in 15 days.

From Idea to Operational Proof of Concept In 15 Days
Accurate information on real-time availability of medical supply inventories
HIPAA Compliant
Decentralized identity capabilities allow for GDPR and HIPAA compliance
Provable Tracking
Test kits, ventilators, generators, usage rates and other metrics are all provably tracked
Priority Distribution
Based on inventory levels supplies can be distributed based on highest priority
Adaptable Flexibility
The prototype can adapt to different needs and be used as a health management system
Proof Reports
Securely prove that records are legitimate, accurate, and have not been tampered with.
How it started
Dragonchain was asked by Snohomish County in Washington to research and develop a prototype Emergency Management System (EMS). The functional prototype can potentially be deployed by any public or private entity.
Prior systems were outdated and lacked flexibility, as seen in many actively used legacy systems throughout governments and enterprises. The Emergency Management System was used with the flexibility that seperates Dragonchain's blockchain technology from other blockchain providers.
The Emergency Management System can be further developed and altered. It is suitable to serve as a Health Management System and integrate with other legacy systems and applications. Changes can be made depending on the needs of the public.
The stats
Want to learn more?
Integrate with a future proof Emergency Management System or alter it into other management systems, for example for the healthcare industry. Schedule a call with the creators.
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