A flexible API along with official SDKs

Dragonchain offers a restful API allowing you to easily read and write to your own blockchain.

Be productive with lightweight SDKs

Post a Dragonchain Transaction
const { createClient } = require('dragonchain-sdk');

const client = await createClient();

  transactionType: 'loyalty',
  payload: {
    'attributes': {
      'customerId': 842194, 'loyaltyLevel': 'Gold'
    'rewardMessage': '50% off reservation'

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How Dragonchain Works


Create Your Private Blockchain

Create your first blockchain without the hassle and added cost of blockchain engineers. You can spin up your node within minutes.


Upload a Smart Contract

Implemented using container architecture for portability and auto-scaling, you are able to move business logic to your private blockchain and without the need to learn new languages.


Post a Transaction

Leverage Dragonchain's lightweight SDKs to post transactions to your private blockchain. Open source SDKs are available for NodeJS, Python, Go, and Dart.


Payload Sent to Private Data Store

Data is kept off-chain in a secure private data store, ensuring your business can remain compliant with personal information protection laws (GDPR, CCPA).


Thumbprint Stored On-Chain

A hash is used as proof of the data's existence and stored on-chain, while your data remains private.


Network Consensus

Your private blockchain connects to a larger network of chains (Dragon Net) adding an additional level of protection to your private transactions.


Interchain to Public Blockchain

Only Dragonchain can provide the interoperability with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Binance Chain required to secure your transactions. Our patented interchain network provides you with added transparency and security, always knowing your data is held in your private data store.

Sign & Publish Transactions

Invoking Ethereum smart contracts, even exchange of value transactions from Bitcoin to Ethereum can be completed from your node in a single API request. Already use Infura or run a parity node? Simply replace the built-in infrastructure with your own.

Create Your Blockchain

Writing to the ledger is immediate compared to others which take minutes or hours and may be slower under load performance.

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Strategic Bounty Projects

Help us grow and gain further adoption by taking up a strategic project. Bounties up to $17,500 per project in Dragons are available.

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