Dragonchain Strategic Projects Bounty Program

The Strategic Projects Bounty program challenges developers and teams to build predefined projects, set by Dragonchain’s leadership. Each strategic project has its own set of guidelines, expectations, rewards, and time frame as outlined in the project specific documentation.

Source Code Control
Value in Dragons - $5,000
Project for creation of a Dragonchain-backed Github replacement system for decentralized software source code control. This project should integrate open source Git and Gitlab/Github into Dragonchain with optional integration of Github via webhooks. This project is open for development.
Stored Procedure Contracts
Up-to Dragon value - $2,500
Create Dragonchain watcher/publisher smart contracts such that an occurrence on a Dragonchain L1 triggers a change on a PostgreSQL database, SQL Server, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop or others. Integration of stored procedures into Dragonchain as smart contracts.
Decentralized Centralized Logging
Value in Dragons - $5,000
Create an extension or integration into the Linux/UNIX centralized logging system syslog-ng. Will allow configuration of criteria for logs to be forwarded to a Dragonchain business node (L1) for capture/ledgering of decentralized proof through Dragon Net into Level 5 (public) networks. Will also allow customization at the business node for other activity based upon smart contracts. Will bypass syslog-ng server requirement, allowing L1 node to perform same functions in decentralized manner.
Hardware Integrations
Up-to Dragon value - $3,500
Run nodes on alternative architectures such as ARM for mobile and Raspberry Pi. Integrate sensors with an L1 node. This project is open for development. No due date, first to complete each component earns respective reward.
Up to $5,000
Redmine, Bugzilla, Trac, Jira, etc. Streamline operations and reduce redundancy with smart contract automation.
Up to $500 or $1,000 depending on integration.
Create a game that integrates Dragonchain into its operation or game mechanics. Examples: Integration into open source game, Creation of an in game marketplace for items, Leaderboard with proof, Scarcity of items, Tracking of items in game, General incentives for gameplay actions

If you have questions about any of our bounties, go to our Telegram channel

Up to $2,500
Integration of Dragonchain into various analytics platforms (plugging in google analytics or a similar platform). Provide proof of reported analytics.
Up to $5,000
Up to $2,500
Optionally integrate your loyalty & rewards systems with your products, let consumers tip farmers, or invent something new with us.
Up to $2,500
Creation of a FreeNAS integration, focusing on backup services plugin components. Allow users to create or purchase a FreeNAS system with Dragonchain-backed proof of storage and chain of custody capabilities. Would allow simple ledgering as well as smart contract based actions.
Incentivization of Project Activity
Up to $2,500
Creation of a system for the incentivization of developers and community in open source or internal systems. Includes ability to integrate a direct mining component based upon application specific performance indicators
Enterprise Integration
Up to $10,000
Integrate any of the many open APIs available for SAP integration. Integration of Smartsheet API to track/prove/incentivize Smartsheet actions. Primary initial focus is on webhooks and events.
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